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  • Wireless is an obvious alternative, but users must get the performance they need — consistently, securely, and without unexpected interruptions. Network planners need links that work all the time. They don't want to reestablish a link whenever a tree grows or another building goes up. Nor do they want to wait if needs change — which may happen if network service providers must move a link after a department or office relocates. Wireless can mean the freedom to set up a network whenever and wherever — with minimal delay.

    • Office's academic departments and classrooms on campus
    • Government agencies or city offices in a metropolitan area
    • Hospital departments with nearby medical practices

    Whether it's across the street or across town, we can provide high bandwidth and using AES encryption, high security. Using carrier class equipment from various manufactures, your buildings can be connected with high speed backbone. Even if your buildings do not have a complete line-of-sight, we can design a system to meet your needs.

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