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  • Connectivity and the ability to access data sharing networks at home, at school or work are no longer options, but priorities. Fully integrated, efficient, flexible and accessible structured cabling networks act as the 'on-ramp' to today's information superhighway and its near-limitless possibilities. Whether it is new construction, technology infrastructure, moves, adds and changes, repairs, infrastructure audits and certification, design and consulting or design/build projects, Valley Systems can ensure your business is running on a well-designed and integrated structured cabling system.

    Valley Systems on staff BICSI certified RCDD's will provide a customized cabling solution to meet your specific needs. Included in these cabling services are premise wiring for voice and local area networks, and outside plant cable systems for underground and aerial installations. We can provide installation for all types of media such as coax, fiber optics and twisted pair copper cabling systems. By selecting high quality manufacturers of cabling systems, we can offer system warranties backed by the factory for up to 25 years.

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